Morning, afternoon or anytime the weather is fine, it’s important to make the most of your outdoor patio space. After all, the summer season is short (for some of us anyway) and it may seem like your patio is too small or exposed to create a cozy, inviting oasis, but we’ve got some really innovative ideas to help you get your patio chill on all summer long.

Small Space Storage for Camping Gear

camping2There are a lot of different ways to enjoy the great outdoors in the spring and summer seasons. If it were possible to sleep in the trees in just our clothes, camping would be simple, but alas, you’ll need a bunch of gear to survive the elements (unless you’re someone on a Discovery Channel show).

Small Space Patio Parties

If you live in the city and have a big backyard, you’re one of the lucky ones. Most of us make due with our cute little patios that house our cute little gardens and furnitures – more like dinner for two rather than a game of frisbee for two. But we love our patios and our apartments and we never let space prevent us from sharing this love with friends and family. So how to make the most of your patio space when you’re hosting?

The LA Bohemian Chic that Keeps on Chic-ing

The LA Bohemian Chic that Keeps on Chic-ing

Writers, ruffians, actors, nouveau riche, and rock stars—Los Angeles is home to many different sorts of people, but no matter who you find, you’ll certainly encounter someone with big dreams. Speaking of dreams, have you seen some of the dreamy décor coming out of LA? Bohemian chic, poolside posh, Mexicana, desert-inspired, simply white…the list is almost as diverse as the population!

This Summer Make hosting in your small space the most memorable yet!

This Summer Make hosting in your small space the most memorable yet!

In summer, there are tons of occasions to celebrate, but honestly, the only reason we really need to celebrate summer is summer!  So rain or shine, invite your favourite people over to eat, drink and be blissful. Even if you have a small space, there are creative ways to squeeze ‘em in and have a glorious evening. We’ve come up with some easy and efficient ways to make hosting this summer in your small space the most memorable yet.

All-American Décor

In honour of this past 4th of July, bring more than just tiny American flags home to decorate your home in Americana – honour your favourite elements of the home of the brave and land of the free. We’ve selected some fun, easy ways to dress up your apartment in some serious down-home American décor.

Our favourite reasons to shop local & Giveaway!

Our favourite reasons to shop local & Giveaway!

Are you a local food hunter? No, not like the original hunter-gatherer, or a forest forager, but an urban food lover who makes a point of finding fresh local produce? Not only is it fun to get into the hustle and bustle of farmer’s markets, but there are a ton of really great reasons to shop local. We’ve picked a few of our favorite:

Monthly Decor – Cottage Living

A cottage is home away from home and maybe because we’re a tiny bit out of our element in a 2nd home, often the trend is to decorate the cottages a little more colourfully, more audaciously and even a little more comfortably! We’re here to inspire you to bring more of those out-of-the-ordinary cottage living elements into your urban living spaces.

Fabulous ways to let the outside in!

After a long summer weekend strolling through parks or hiking in the hills or skipping rocks in the river, one can’t help but wonder how to bring the freshness of the outdoors home without actually stuffing pockets with pine needles or building a treehouse. Well, wonder no more ‘cause we’ve come up with some really cool, easy ways to let the outdoors come right indoors!

How to survive your first trip to a farmer’s market

Farmer’s markets are a great way to get amazing food and get out to a vibrant center of your community. They typically feature an amazing selection of local food and products, and if you know where to look and build relationships with the vendors you can definitely leave with great items in your basket. There are many things to consider while you’re there, and preparation is key if you want to get a substantial part of your summer food shopping done outside of the grocery store.