Prep your home for winter.

Prep your home for winter.

Quick tips to make life a little easier for the whole family

From scarves and mittens to warm blankets, wool socks, and a freezer stocked with homemade soup, winter is filled with all the things we need to keep us cozy. Here are some simple ideas to help your family make the most of the cold season.

Get there first! This Black Friday, arrive prepared.

You know what you want. You’ve spotted it in the store. Maybe it’s the futon for your Holiday guests. Or the dining table with the extensions so you can seat the whole family. Or maybe it’s the Emily accent chair in navy linen with the contemporary chrome metal legs that would look perfect in the corner of the living room under the reading lamp.

Whatever item has caught your eye, here’s a quick guide to surviving Black Friday and come home with your prize:

You’ve found the perfect sofa. You’ve figured out just where to put it. Now what? Many people feel intimidated when it comes to decorating their special space and put off adding a personal touch to their private corner. Here are a few easy tips for inserting a little colour and a lot of fun to your sofa space!

Bring the fall season indoors with tasteful table decorations

Decorating the dining room table for a dinner party is becoming so popular that it even has a name: tablescaping—creating a landscape for your table that will set the tone and make your guests feel special and welcome.

Fall is a great theme for a tablescape, since it’s filled with bright colours, fun textures, and lots of delicious scents and smells. Where do you start? Try right outside your front door!

Discover four ways to go rustic—and love it!

Discover four ways to go rustic—and love it!

Rustic décor is everywhere you look these days, and with good reason. This shabby-chic approach to decorating uses raw materials, repurposed items and a solid colour palate to bring the outside in for a warm and welcoming look that doesn’t have to cost a lot.

Thinking of adding a rustic touch to your living space? Here are four ways to achieve rustic’s natural look while preserving a style all your own.

We’ve narrowed down six categories for roommate living bliss

Communicating with other human beings is one the most confusing things about being a human being. I mean, it’s at least in the top five because each of us is so unique! And depending on how your family life was, and who did what in your household, expectations for roommate behaviour will vary for each person. To each their own, you know?

So if you’re about to live with other human beings whether they’re your friends or total strangers, best to have “the talk” early on so some basic ground rules can be set.

We’ve narrowed down six categories for roommate living bliss: