6 Reasons you should be talking about Futons

2000_2000_3384_11820Did you know futons originate from tradition Japanese bedding consisting of padded mattresses that can be folded in such a way that they are stored throughout the day? The futon traditionally consists of a mattress and a quilted cover. The word itself means round cushions filled with cattail flower spikes, fu (cattail), ton (round). Futons are a staple item for any college student, bachelor apartment for a new graduate, or even a growing family. If you’re not already on the futon bandwagon, you will be after reading this.

10 Unbelievably Horrible Decorating Ideas

Sometimes it can be things that you can’t control that are bothering you when it’s time to go to bed. Racing thoughts, budget planning, busy schedule, someone’s sick, it happens. Bad decorating is something that shouldn’t keep you awake. Here are some unbelievably horrible decorating ideas that you must absolutely avoid.

The Most Interesting Man At DHP Celebrates Canada Day In Style.

Joe The Most Interesting Man At DHP

joe2Joe came into work today with a daring Giuseppe Cortese suit a signature cut from his collection, featuring a tailored fit and classic detailing with its rich ruby red corduroy fabric. Styled with slim notched lapels and an elegant two-button fastening, this versatile two-piece suit is crafted for superior crease resistance. A dapper choice that is suitable all year round, simply add a fine white pocket square and leather shoes to complete the look. His outfit captures the spirit of Canada day in every way. We caught up with Joe and found out exactly how the most interesting man at DHP celebrates his Canada day.

DHP Furniture 2015 Hockey Pool Winners

The hockey season has officially come to a close. With Chicago beating Tampa Bay last night many will be celebrating hockey pool victories. We want to congratulate all the participants, of the DHP Furniture 2015 hockey pool and give a special high five to our prize pool winners.

Breathtaking Décor From The Worlds Largest Tech Companys

Pinterest-Headquarters-DesignWe spend most of our lives in an office. The office for the majority of us becomes our home away from home. The world is waking up to making offices more livable. Tech companies are leading the trend by creating inspiring environments that encourage innovation. Check out some of the most impressive office Décor from the world’s leading social sites. Note how they bring amazing furnishings into the workplace to make employees feel more at home.

Doing Vintage The Right Way

thumbnail-117We all know Vintage is taking the urban world by storm. Vintage clothing, accessories, household items and more are all over Pinterest and Instagram. Vintage has become the second largest community among the fashion elite. A great vintage piece becomes the focal point in any living space bringing character and life.

Get outside and enjoy the summer with-a run! #NationalRunningDay then relax on your favorite DHP Chair of-course