Breathtaking Décor From The Worlds Largest Tech Companys

Pinterest-Headquarters-DesignWe spend most of our lives in an office. The office for the majority of us becomes our home away from home. The world is waking up to making offices more livable. Tech companies are leading the trend by creating inspiring environments that encourage innovation. Check out some of the most impressive office Décor from the world’s leading social sites. Note how they bring amazing furnishings into the workplace to make employees feel more at home.

Doing Vintage The Right Way

thumbnail-117We all know Vintage is taking the urban world by storm. Vintage clothing, accessories, household items and more are all over Pinterest and Instagram. Vintage has become the second largest community among the fashion elite. A great vintage piece becomes the focal point in any living space bringing character and life.

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“Chillin On My Futon” New Music Discovery: Les Jupes

Some of our life’s best experiences are created while relaxing in comfort on our favorite futon. We discover new television, make new friends and listen to new music. At DHP Furniture, we strive to create the best possible furniture for you to experience life’s little moments in comfort. So relax and experience something new with us in our first episode of

Chillin On My Futon.

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Welcome to Future Tech

Today we bring you a table that absorbs heat during the day, and uses it to warm your house at night. It’s the zef-climatic-table_view2-970x647-cbrainchild of  Raphaël Ménard and Jean-Sébastien Lagrange. The table looks like your average dining room table, but like magic it’s capable of so much more.