Got a loft apartment you don’t know how to furnish? Or maybe a big room you need to divide into two? Don’t go putting up walls. Instead, try some of these simple tips for creating cozy spaces in a big area.

Put down rugs.

Nothing divides a space up as easily as throwing down a couple of rugs. A living room needs a rug that overlaps the sofa and chairs by a few inches. A dining area needs space to pull back the chairs. Choose rugs that complement the furniture in each space but also match each other, whether it’s a similar pattern or colour repetition.

Use furniture.

A large piece of furniture is perfect for dividing an open space. Try closing off a loft bedroom with an armoire, or separating the living space from the dining room with a series of bright bookshelves (which give you ample storage for both rooms!). A big sofa in the middle of a room can be paired with a wide desk on the other side to create a cozy office area.

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Create your own divider.

Hang a rod and heavy curtains across the ceiling to close off a room. Find a colourful screen divider to set your space apart. Even a patterned blanket or a fun duvet hung on hooks can do the trick. Or get crafty! Head to garage sales and flea markets for divider ideas: old stained-glass windows, wood doors, barn wood, stacked wood crates, even large paintings or mirrors on stands can create one-of-a-kind dividers.

Hang a rack.

Got a bedroom to enclose? Fasten an old piece of pipe or a clothing rack to the ceiling to hang all your clothes. It’s a great way to cut off an area and add some much-needed storage space!


Add colour and light.

Paint each space its own unique shade and colour coordinate. Think blue walls in the living room with a blue-and-white rug, or pink wallpaper in the bedroom with fluffy pink throw pillows. You can also use hanging lights or a series of lamps on stands to divide your space and bring in more brightness.

imagesBe a kid again.

Bunk beds for grownups? Why not! Place your mattress on top and a desk underneath. Or add an elevated seeping space among a series of bookshelves and storage crates to integrate your sleeping and living spaces. If you have enough height, create an elevated platform in your room with a small staircase or ladder so you can climb up and escape to your bedroom—and still have plenty of place for a living room, office or dining space underneath!



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