Spring is just around the corner, and what better time to liven up your home—and your walls—with some bold new ideas! Here are 25 unique ways to turn a blank wall into an eye-catching space you’ll love to look at.


Propped up, nailed on or hung sideways, ladders provide extra shelf space and a rustic touch.

Faux taxidermy.

Paper deer heads, wood antlers, fake stuffed animals on a shelf. It’s all the rage. Go wild!


Mix and match sizes, bright colours, photos, textures, and more.


Use lights or candles for a modern twist on a medieval look.


Hang maps of different sizes from different areas, framed or tacked to the wall. Add any travel items you have!


Great for hanging pictures, showcasing the kids’ artwork and redecorating on a whim.

Vintage plates.

Group colourful vintage plates in a fun pattern for an original centerpiece.


With thousands of styles, patterns, colours, and textures to choose from, wallpaper is not just your mother’s décor anymore.


Yes, burlap! Use upholstery tacks at the edge to tie down and finish the look.

Faux brick.

Don’t have the real deal hidden behind your wall? Hang the fake kind.

Chalk paint.

Available in bright colours or traditional black, and perfect for adding drawings and messages.


Hang in frames, on corkboard, with clips, and more.

4f53fa99e5302bed37911094e443b6d9Old window frames.

Sand, paint and hang old window frames—with or without the panes. Stained glass? Even better!


String cord or colourful wool across your wall and use small clips or clothes pegs to hang pictures, cards and more.


Don’t go for broke! Head to the flea market or garage sales for fun and quirky items to hang.


String lights, Holiday lights, blinking lights. Let there be… light!


From fun sayings to the Eiffel Tower, Venetian doorways and fun patterns, decals are available in so many styles and colours.


Find clocks in all kinds of shapes, colors and sizes and hang them on your wall. Set them all to the right time or keep your guests guessing!

Hanging garden.

Create a wall of plants and herbs using special wall systems, or hang glass terrariums at different levels for an indoor garden look.

New trends in furniture design are bringing back the days of bold lines, low-profile shapes and wood accents. The Paxson Futon combines all three for a look that will add a little modern retro to your home! Choose from black faux leather, grey or navy blue linen with intricate diagonal stitching

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