From dying eggs to decorating baskets, Easter is filled with plenty of spring colours and crafts the whole family can enjoy. If you want a change from traditional art projects, try these fun twists on Easter favourites that will keep the kids busy and brighten up your living space.

Easter egg garland

Instead of decorating real eggs this year, make these cool and colourful yarn eggs using just a few simple supplies! Be sure to cover your work surface—like the craft-friendly Fusion table—with newspaper or a plastic tablecloth.


• Mod Podge or other decoupage glue
• A glue brush
• About 10 or so small, round balloons
• A selection of colourful yarn

What you do:

• Start by blowing up the balloons until they are roughly egg-shaped.
• Next, cover one balloon at a time with Mod Podge. Be generous.
• Now take one end of the yarn and tie it to the balloon knot to anchor it in place. This is where the fun starts! Have the kids wrap the yarn around the balloon in any shape they’d like: cross-crossed, striped, round and round, or whatever they feel like creating. Once they finish their balloon, add glue to the next one and start again.
• Let the balloons dry for at least a day. The yarn should feel stiff and no longer damp.
• With a grown-up’s help, have the kids poke each balloon with a pin and carefully remove the insides.
• Tie each “egg” to a long piece of yarn or string and hang your garland in the house or garden for a welcome pop of colour. You can also place the eggs in a large bowl to use as a centerpiece for your Easter feast!

Glow-in-the-dark egg hunt

Turn your Easter egg hunt up a notch with this fun twist on a traditional favourite.

photos.medleyphoto.8794413What you need:

• A selection of colourful plastic eggs that open
• An equal number of glow sticks
• Small chocolate eggs and treats

What you do:

• Just before the egg hunt starts, place one glow stick in each egg, along with an Easter treat.
• Place eggs throughout the house and turn off the lights, or head outside after dark and hide the eggs around the yard.
• Have the kids collect their glow-in-the-dark eggs in their baskets and enjoy the fun! Hint: To ensure everyone gets their fair share of treats, assign each child their own egg colour for the hunt.

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