All you’ve got is a shoestring budget and a room that needs a redo? You’re in luck! You don’t have to go all out to redecorate your bedroom. A few simple tips are all it takes to refresh your space and revive your room!

Make a plan.

Sit down and think about what you want. New colors? A better bed? Do you need more space or maybe you’ve outgrown some pieces? Write down your priorities.

Clear clutter.

Put away clothes on the floor. Recycle old papers and magazines. Clear out anything that belongs in other rooms of the house, like books, glasses or electronic devices. Go through your closet, drawers and shelves and decide what to keep and what to give away.


Take a look at what you already have. Can you reuse it? A good sanding and a fresh coat of paint can do wonders for an old bureau or desk. Is there anything around the house you can use, like picture frames, an ottoman or a wood bookshelf? Bring those into your new space, too.

Purchase a centerpiece.

If your budget allows, buy one key piece of furniture to make the centerpiece of your room. This can be a metal bed, wooden bureau, reading chair, or even a colourful ottoman. Pick colours and patterns that match pieces you already own.

This stunning classic ottoman holds a hidden secret: a convenient storage compartment tucked away under the top. If you live in a small apartment or simply need extra space to keep your novelties, the Emily storage ottoman is designed especially for you.

Emily Rectangular Storage Ottoman

Change the sheets.

Nothing says new like a fresh set of sheets, a new duvet, fluffy pillows, and even new curtains. Buy styles that are similar but not identical so you create a fun look without getting repetitive.

Rearrange the furniture.

Sometimes just moving the bed to the other side of the room can make all the difference. Try playing with placement to create a space that’s bigger, cozier, warmer, or simply offers more room to walk around.

Get a headboard.

Find a great headboard at a flea market, invest in a new one or make your own out of fabric. A stunning headboard can give a bedroom a completely different look and feel.

Make small changes.

An area rug, new drawer handles, unique lamps, artwork, fun frames, and even hooks to hang your jewelry can all add up to a brand new look.

Go for colour.

Painting a wall or two, or hanging some stunning wallpaper, can transform a bedroom into a real sanctuary. Pick colours that complement your furniture or duvet, and don’t be afraid to be bold. One dark wall can create an intimate space, and a wall of thick lined or patterned wallpaper is an eye-catching way to draw attention and create a whole new space.