Want to chase away those mid-winter blues? Take a page out of Denmark’s book, where the Danes practice hygge—or coziness—as a way to make the most of the cold, dark season. Here are some tips to get you to love your small space all winter long.

Make your space inviting.

Fill each room with the things you love, from cookbook and record collections to warm throws, colourful pillows and a pile of books on your comfy sofa. Add photos of friends and family in mismatched frames, search antique stores for old mirrors and fun-shaped hooks, and throw a fluffy rug on the floor so you can curl up and doze off. Don’t forget all 5 senses! Think candles in woodsy scents, speakers to enjoy soft music and a pretty bowl for keeping sweet treats to snack on.

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Choose furniture you want to curl up on.

Warm, inviting and easy to sink into, comfy sofas and chairs are key to enjoying winter in your small space. futon/loungers like the Brent futon & Chaise are making a big comeback this year, and what’s better than leaning back with your feet up and a good book to while the time away?

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Light up your life.

When it comes to cozy, nothing sets the mood like the right lighting. A single overhead bulb casts harsh shadows and makes a small room feel cold and unwelcoming. Go for table lamps with soft bulbs to bring the lighting down to sitting level, as well as overhead reading lamps, colourful lampshades, and wall sconces to vary the effect. And use candles, of course! A few tea lights in a clear vase or softly scented candles in glass jars can create a space you want to come home to.

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Create a focal point.

Whether it’s a fireplace, favourite chair or heirloom antique, focusing on one part of a room creates a sense of closeness and warmth. Make that focal point eye-catching by setting in apart, adding colourful pieces—like throw pillows or bright vases—and toning down the rest of the room with more neutral colours.

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Go bold.

Although light colours reflect more light, they also define the dimension of a room. Instead, paint a wall or two with a dark shade like red, grey or even black. This will absorb light and blur the edges of the room, making it appear larger than it really is. Plus the dark colours add extra warmth and make a great canvas for decorating your cozy space!

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Warm up your small space this winter with DHP Furniture!