Whether you have a tiny apartment, small dining table or not enough chairs to go around, don’t let lack of space dictate your get-togethers. Get creative instead!

Bring on the buffet. Make room at the table by making use of other counter and shelf space around your home.

  • Use your counter or kitchen island to lay out food, plates, utensils, and more buffet-style. You can even cover the sink with a cutting board or piece of plywood to extend your space.
  • Set up a drink station away from the main table. Cover a coffee table, desk or even the washer/dryer with a tablecloth and add glasses, a bucket of ice, corkscrew, lemon/line slices, coasters, and any drink you’ll be serving. Include juice boxes for the kids, a pitcher of water and a coffee pot for a one-stop drink spot!
  • No room in the fridge? Keep soft drinks and condiments in the sink, or fill the bathtub with ice for guests to add their drinks. Entertaining in winter? A bucket of snow on the balcony is a great way to keep drinks cool!


Improvise. Use what you already have to create space and provide guests with extra seating.


  • Add a sheet of plywood to your dining table or set up folding tables at either end to extend the seating space. Just cover with a tablecloth for the illusion of a grand dining room!
  • Use seating from other parts of your home. A piano bench, office chair, outdoor seating, stool, or even side tables can make for a fun and eclectic mix of seats. If something is too low, just add throw pillows!
  • Make it a bring-your-own-chair event! Get each guests to bring along a seat to put at the table. You can also ask guests if they have folding chairs they can lend you for the event.
  • Start with great seating, like Brisbane dining chairs or stackable spare seats. Pick muted colours to go with anything or opt for a pop of brightness to liven the room!

We’ve taken the sleek lines of the 1950’s and added a twist of today’s contemporary style for a dining or accent chair that is sure to make a statement.

Brisbane Dining Chair

Make room. The best way to make a room feel bigger is to pare it down to the essentials. Take some time before your dinner party to see how you can gain more space with just a few simple changes.


  • Clear the clutter. Magazines left out? Shoes in the hallway? Now’s a good time to gather up what’s lying around and store it in closets or under your bed. Empty coat hooks for guests to use, put toiletries away in the bathroom and hide the piles of laundry to give your space room to breathe.
  • Move furniture to the side. Push the sofa, coffee table, ottoman, and more up against the walls to create a larger space for guests to sit, mingle and walk around. Better yet, move unneeded furniture to a room you won’t be using to make the best use of your space.


Use all your space. Why keep the party confined to one room? Spread out and give you and your guests some breathing space.


  • Start in the living room. Set up finger food and drinks so guests can serve themselves. This gives them a chance to unwind while you make any last-minute preparations in the kitchen.
  • Move into the dining room. Once your food is ready and your table is set, call your guests in to enjoy the feast.
  • Retire to the den, deck, garage, or spare room. Set up coffee and tea pots along with bite-sized desserts so guests can unwind after dinner while you have ample room to tidy up.