You know what you want. You’ve spotted it in the store. Maybe it’s the futon for your Holiday guests. Or the dining table with the extensions so you can seat the whole family. Or maybe it’s the Emily accent chair in navy linen with the contemporary chrome metal legs that would look perfect in the corner of the living room under the reading lamp.

Whatever item has caught your eye, here’s a quick guide to surviving Black Friday and come home with your prize:

Wear comfy shoes. Leave the Thanksgiving heels at home and go for running shoes. Walk around the blocks a few times to prepare. Try a few sprints through the grocery store.

Don camouflage. Not the traditional kind, mind. Try a t-shirt with pictures of TVs or maybe leggings in a toy motif. Perfect for blending in when you need to move quickly down an aisle.

Take up yoga. Feeling stressed? Caught in a muddle over the last 8 pack of paper towels? Nothing like a little downward dog or salutation to the sun to restore calm, find your focus and get that blood circulating again.

Use distractions. Found the item you want but there’s a crowd there already? Use the power of distraction. Place some leftover Thanksgiving dessert on a table far enough away from your item. Spread a rumour about an extra discount in the housecleaning department. If all else fails, raise a confident finger and proclaim “Look over there!” That should give you enough time to stake your claim.

The polite way to settle a dispute. Found yourself face to face with a situation that could go south? Time to declare a thumb war. Or, for something a little less physical, try a round of Rock, Paper Scissors with best out of three. If your opponent still won’t engage, suggest a classic game of eenie meenie miney mo.

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Good luck on Black Friday. And remember to always be courteous, safe and have fun!



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