Thanksgiving is easily one of the most family-oriented and relaxed holidays in the calendar year. As you gather with friends and family this season why not try bringing some of the crisp, fall colours inside. We’ve got some fun ways to pair up DIY home décor with our popular DHP furniture faves!

nut decorVotives + Walnuts (or any seasonal nut and/or leaf you find pretty)

Go to your local dollar store and pick up large to medium-sized glass votive candle holders (preferably jar-style) and pair them with white or cream candles. Choose a candle that’s one size too small in width so you can fill the extra space with your favourite holiday nut still in its shell. We like hazelnuts but choose the motif that appeals to you this season.

These candle arrangements look wonderful on our Parsons End Table:


DHP’s Parsons End Table is the little trendy table that every home needs. Simple, sturdy and square, this end table features a hollow core construction and MDF laminate for durability. Easy to assemble, the end table requires no tools and will be ready for use in no time.

Parsons End Table


51b9be00ed33dea57bbbfc246d9d598aAcorn Banner

Acorns are so pretty in autumn, aren’t they? Get doubly inspired by the wonder of nature and recycle paper found in your home for a lovely acorn banner you can hang in the living room, entryway, or even a child’s bedroom. Find the full instructions below.

Hang these delicate banners in a room with our Vintage Metal and Upholstered Queen Size Bed.


Is vintage your thing but tired of all the scouring and searching? Our Vintage Metal bed mingles the best elements of yesteryear with crisp, contemporary newness.

Vintage Metal and Upholstered Queen Size Bed


Do-it-Yourself-Outdoor-Elements-with-Wood-and-Fencing-Fall-Mantel-Inspiration-Home-Decor-Ideas-for-Autumn-via-Thistlewood-FarmsFall Mantel Décor

Visit your local craft store and arrange your perfect fall bouquet with fall-inspired berries, twigs and leaves then find a neutral coloured vase in brown, beige, or orange to hold them. Choose some pretty white and orange mini-pumpkins and maybe a few candles and turn your mantle into a warm, rustic delight.


Add this unique accent chair to any room for a touch of modern that ties your décor together. The tufted back and seating add a sophisticated look, with striking angled chrome legs that give a glimmer of brilliance.

Emily Chair


Find the full instructions for Acorn Banner here:

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