You’ve found the perfect sofa. You’ve figured out just where to put it. Now what? Many people feel intimidated when it comes to decorating their special space and put off adding a personal touch to their private corner. Here are a few easy tips for inserting a little colour and a lot of fun to your sofa space!

Decide on the main purpose of your sofa. Will it be the focal point of the room? A cozy corner? Or maybe it will be the starting point for a bigger theme. Once you decide what you want your sofa to be, you can figure out how to decorate your space.

Think of your sofa as a blank canvas just waiting for a splash of colour. For fall, think warm tones: bright reds, crisp oranges, warm yellows, and earthy browns. Even gold or silver touches bring out the full colours of the season. If your sofa is a solid colour, try patterns and repeating shades. Go bold!

Layer it on. Add throw pillows by layering complementary colors and shapes, or lay various coloured throw blankets over the back of your sofa. Just remember to leave room for guests!

Decorate in front. Add a colourful rug for resting your feet—whether you prefer a soft mat or a thick shag carpet for cool fall evenings. Add a coffee table or side tables and continue your theme with a bright red vase, autumn leaves in a bowl, bunches of dried sticks tied in colourful ribbons, or even coffee table books in fall colours.

Decorate behind. Here’s where you can get really creative! With a fun base like the Andora futon, there’s so much you can do to elevate your space to something truly special.


Andora Coil Futon

  • Mirrors: Find mirrors with leaf motifs or fall colours to brighten up your space and make your room seem bigger.
  • Curtains: Whether or not your sofa sits in front of a window, hang colourful curtains behind to really set a space and make your sofa the focal point.
  • Art: Choose bold frames in fun fall colours to hang your family pictures. Or get the kids to draw fall themes and hang their art up in black and white frames. Be sure to play with sizes and colours!
  • Lights or candles: Set the mood by hanging string lights or candle holders behind your sofa space. It’s a great way to lighten up the room and bring in some lovely light on those dark fall nights.
  • Nick knacks: Rummage the house for fun fall pieces you can hang behind your sofa. Buy plate hangers and hooks to add your heirloom tea cups and saucers as wall decorations. Hang a small shelf to showcase your favourite fall-themed books. Can’t find what you’re looking for? Browse local garage sales and antique shops for decorative mirrors, leaf-shaped hooks, dried flowers, wood carvings, and more to fit your theme.

Armed with a few fall ideas, you can turn your sofa space into a warm place to spend cool autumn nights—with friends and family, or curled up with a cup of tea and a great book!