Rustic décor is everywhere you look these days, and with good reason. This shabby-chic approach to decorating uses raw materials, repurposed items and a solid colour palate to bring the outside in for a warm and welcoming look that doesn’t have to cost a lot.

Thinking of adding a rustic touch to your living space? Here are four ways to achieve rustic’s natural look while preserving a style all your own.

Rustic chic

If you like elegant interiors with a carefree touch, then rustic chic is the look for you. Raw materials like wood and metal are blended seamlessly with feminine touches of pastel, whitewashed tabletops, plush carpets, and time-worn accessories to create a soft look that’s a little rough around the edges. Think pale cotton curtains paired with an unstained wood rod, pops of light pink and blue for throw cushions and table cloths, plus fresh flowers in a delicate vase on the mantelpiece over a stone fireplace.

Rustic industrial

America’s industrial revolution plays a starring role in rustic-industrial décor. Here, recycled barnwood tabletops are paired with metal pipe legs for a rough yet inviting look. Exposed concrete walls add to the unfinished texture, and large surfaces can be painted grey to mimic the industrial feel. Go for un-sanded wood shelves lined in metal pipe, dark leather chairs with silver rivets, sofas on castor wheels, industrial stools with an iron base, tin picture frames, and more. The rougher the metal, the bigger the impact.

Rustic barn

What started with a sliding barn door has grown into a décor style that brings the best of the farm into every room of your home. This open country look includes pitched ceilings, rustic beams, exposed wood, and touches of nature that let you escape the city as soon as you close the door. On top of replacing traditional doors with repurposed barnwood on sliding tracks, there are plenty of ways to carry off the rustic barn look. In the kitchen, try a worn-look on cabinet doors or go for open shelving. Store produce in chunky baskets or wooden pull-out shelves. Seal wood countertops with food-grade oil for a look that’s right off the farm. Hang contrasting items on walls, such as old clocks, heirloom dishes, bucolic photos, and antique kitchen tools. If you own a wood-base futon like the Bergen, think throw pillows with dusty rose patterns or a braided rug in country colours.



Bergen Wood Arm Futon

Rustic modern

Can’t choose between old and new? You don’t have to! Rustic modern is all about adding a raw touch to new designs in order to soften the edges and add a little warmth. Got sleek, stainless-steel appliances? Expose the brick behind your kitchen counter. Does your dining room feature a glass table and leather chairs? Use linen placemats, antique plates and wooden serving rays when company comes. Don’t be afraid to be bold: decorate with branches, driftwood, stone, and animal hides to offset your modern furniture and enjoy the best of both worlds!