Decorating the dining room table for a dinner party is becoming so popular that it even has a name: tablescaping—creating a landscape for your table that will set the tone and make your guests feel special and welcome.

Fall is a great theme for a tablescape, since it’s filled with bright colours, fun textures, and lots of delicious scents and smells. Where do you start? Try right outside your front door!


Keep costs down. Tablescapes don’t have to break the bank! Wander the neighbourhood for fall favourites like coloured leaves, branches and dried flowers. Use colourful red, orange and yellow ribbons to tie them together in bunches, then add these to a vase or lay them across each guest’s plate along with a hand-written menu or name card. Place a handful of unpopped popcorn in a clear glass vase to hold candles. Markets and local farms also sell dried corn cobs and different-sized gourds that make for great decorations!


Use what’s in season. Think apples, red pears, artichokes, and persimmons. Cut pomegranates in half to display their bright red interior. Dry citrus fruit in rounds and use the slices as a decorative touch. Add a bowl of cracked walnuts or serve a cheese platter filled with local favourites as well as cranberries, bright jams, dried apricots, and figs. You can even serve soup straight from a carved-out pumpkin and roast the seeds with a little olive oil and spices for a snack before or after dinner.


Paint it. Can’t find what you need in your colours? Buy some paint in a fall palate and put the kids to work! Turn mini pumpkins red, yellow or gold. Buy wooden napkin rings from the dollar store and paint leaves around the side. Get your kids to draw colourful fall placemats and have them laminated.


Sky’s the limit. If your table combines modern with rustic, like the Fusion table, you have the perfect canvas for reflecting the changing theme of an autumn sky. The wood of the tabletop blends perfectly with pale, cool blues and fluffy whites for a look that steps away from traditional Halloween colours. Crisp white napkins, blue candles, pale plates, and a folded blue top sheet as a runner are small ideas that can make a big impact.


The classically designed gun metal frame rings antique but goes perfectly in an ultra-modern loft space, or even a contemporary country kitchen.

Fusion Square Dining Table

Think outside the box. A piece of driftwood or a log can make a stunning centerpiece. Tie bunches of dried rosemary in gold string or butcher’s twine to add a wonderful fall scent without overpowering your meal. Or cover your table in brown paper and include shot glasses filled with crayons for your guests to draw their own fall theme.

When it comes to tablescapes, let your imagination run wild! Whether you prefer a simple setting around a main centerpiece or you want to go all out with fall colours, let fall’s bounty guide you to creating the perfect tablescape to amaze your guests!