Communicating with other human beings is one the most confusing things about being a human being. I mean, it’s at least in the top five because each of us is so unique! And depending on how your family life was, and who did what in your household, expectations for roommate behaviour will vary for each person. To each their own, you know?

So if you’re about to live with other human beings whether they’re your friends or total strangers, best to have “the talk” early on so some basic ground rules can be set.

We’ve narrowed down six categories for roommate living bliss:


Who will vacuum, dust, clean bathroom and take out the garbage? Do you do these things weekly, if so, on which day? Make a simple schedule and stick it on the fridge for everyone to see.


Are there special times you’d prefer no guests (i.e. midterms/exams)? If your guests are bothering your roommate(s), agree on a way to communicate those feelings between you. This will eliminate resentment. How do you feel about roommate’s guests using your belongings? Talk about this early on.

Quiet Hours

What’s a reasonable bedtime when music, TV or overnight guest noise should quiet down? If things are getting too loud, what’s the best way to let the other person know? Talk about this.

Personal Property

Which things in the house are shared and which are personal? If your roommate uses your things, would you like to be asked? How about shared spaces like the fridge, entryway, closets, etc. Establish this early on!

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Full Disclosure

Do you have pet peeves? How about some habits you think your roomie should know about? What do you like to do for fun? Do you wanna hang out with your roommates outside the house? Get talking!


It might be a good idea to share your class schedules with your roommates so everyone understands what’s going on. Big test tomorrow? Let the roomies know!