The funny thing about moving and packing is you always think you have less stuff than you actually do. Always. The logical reason is you’ve likely hidden things away in closets, under the bed, in dressers, high up on shelves, and if you live at home and are making the transition from parental digs to dorm room or small apartment, you may even have serious hidden-in-basement stuff worth investigating. So, what should you bring along with you and how can you make this whole moving away for college thing more efficient?

First, you gotta pair down to the bare (minimum!)

Honestly evaluate your needs vs. wants then make a realistic list of those things. Go room by room in this process so you don’t forget anything important. Like, in your bedroom, you really only need a bed, in the living room, a sofa sleeper, etc.

Fall in love with storage tricks

You may even want to buy a book or follow a blog on the subject! There are incredible tricks out there like storing linens under the bed, hanging pots up in kitchen, hanging towels in bathroom, etc.

Be creative!

Let’s say you’ve got two dressers that you love. Maybe you don’t have to part with both. Could one be used in a large closet, or even in the living room for extra storage? Or it’s a lamp thing – could one fit nicely in the entryway instead of the living room? You get the idea.

Build in

If you can build in any kind of shelving, do! You can simplify this process by choosing one wall and building in all your shelving there.


If you have a small to mid-sized apartment, then this is the perfect futon for you! The Skye storage futon looks good and has cool features including a split back design for seated, lounge and sleep positions plus storage drawers, all with a chic design in black linen.


  Skye Storage Futon


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