It’s back to school time and that’s a big shift in the ol’household. How can you ease back into the hustle and bustle in ways that don’t leave you even more exhausted? We’ve got some simple tips on staying chill this school year.

Plan a schedule everybody can stick to.

First, get into bed earlier and wake up a bit earlier and stick to it. Give yourself a realistic drop off time/or leave the house time and be diligent with it. It often takes a bit more preparation, but just be honest with yourself about what schedule you can achieve and then make it happen!

Make the most of your weekends.

It’ll give you such a sense of ease and organization if you get the hard things like grocery shopping and laundry done on the weekend. You can even get the little ones to organize their rooms in ways that help for the week. Get everyone in on it! That will always allow you the extra time you’ll be dying for come Wednesday evening when you’re all burnt from your day and don’t have to worry about doing anything besides dinner, homework, bed. You’ll be so thankful to your weekend self.

 Give yourself a week to shift from chill time to school time.

If you’re anything like us, summer is when things get very relaxed. Later bed times, later mornings, a lot more iPad and TV…

Get everyone back into a fall schedule slowly. Try the week before you head back to read a bit every evening, maybe do some math games, talk about what they’re thinking about their new teacher or classmates, what they’re excited about. Whatever it is, just ease back into school mode.

Cannot emphasize this enough: get your forms filled out.

As soon as you get the requests — via email, mail — fill those darn things out fast and get them turned around so you don’t have to think about it later.

Give a little extra TLC.

School is actually a really stressful time for kids. All the new people, making friends, homework, math test, hierarchy of gym class or riding the bus…give those kids a little extra love and support, plan a few special meals if possible, anything to help the transition and inject some chill.


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