NEVER FEAR SUMMER IS STILL HERE! Okay, well, there are about 3 official weeks of summer left before we turn the whole operation around and get back into school mode. So, you know what? Let’s make the very most of these final months! We suggest making a bucket list of all the things you’ve been meaning to do this summer but have put off.
We’ll give you a headstart with our faves:

Jumping into bodies of water

Lakes, ponds, swimming pools, and the biggest body of water of all: oceans. Make sure you’ve got enough water to support your big splash and get jumping! There’s nothing quite like the fresh chill of water on hot skin. Mmmm we can feel it already.

Short shorts

This might just for the ladies, but we encourage short short wearing for everyone! Yes, people, it’s summer and time to show off those lovely legs. Get out your fake spray tan if you have to, but GET ROCKING THOSE SHORTS! Time is ticking.

Kissing under a full moon

Nothing says summer romance like a long smooch under a full moon, or any moon really. Cozy up with your full-time squeeze or dare to ask someone you’ve had your eye on for awhile to take a moonlit walk. Let the sounds of summer be your background music.

Longest bike ride ever

Get on your bike, throw on that helmet, pack a picnic bag full of treats and choose a long path with a fun destination. Maybe end up a body of water, or a large park, and in the meantime, take the time to meander, look at the sights, enjoy the warm sun on your skin, birds flying in the sky. Don’t look around too much though, like eyes on the path, but you get the point. Take your time! Then stop somewhere lovely and bike home at sun down. Ahhh summer is great.

Summer naps

As adults, we no longer get three months off for a summer break, but there’s something about this time of year that just begs you to take things easy. And what’s simpler than a midday nap? You know the drill: you’ve just completed you days activities and plopped down in your favorite chair or daybed. Your body is relaxed. Your eyelids are heavy and you slip into a blissful state of sleep because, well, it’s summer and you can.


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