Maybe it’s the wide open spaces where tons of people gather each summer that encourages special connections and fast friendships, or it’s the effect of bouncing around beside a stranger at an outdoor concert and hanging for the whole festival, or swaying to an acoustic tune with someone you just met at a folk fest. Or it’s the person you fell hard for at your summer job cause there’s just things only you two share…those summer loves are truly special connections and once the hot season winds down, and autumn approaches, how do you keep in touch?


Or FaceTime or Facebook video chat or however you wanna do it. Find a little corner somewhere if you’re at work or school, or wait till evening and make a date to chatin almost-IRL. It’s not as good as face to face, but it’s nearly as good (and kinda feels like we’re finally in the future, doesn’t it?).

Social Media

Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram, WhatsApp…they’re usually pretty handy for keeping in touch, but just like life pre-social media, it’s easy to just fall off the “real conversation” wagon and lose touch, or in modern day terms, simply end up observing someone’s feed. Make a point of checking in and asking your summer-made friends how they’re doing. If you met as a group, start a group chat and keep it flowing on a daily or every other day basis. Once these things get rolling, they tend to take on their own lives!

Old School Letter

The sensation of sitting down with a fresh piece of paper and a pen can be daunting for some and sublime for others. When you write someone a letter by hand, there’s the feeling and emotion of your words inscribed right into the paper – a sensation you can’t reproduce digitally. The letter doesn’t have to be long and receiving a letter can be one of the greatest pleasures in life. There’s really no better way to hang onto a cherished memory than memorializing it on paper.


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Just give them a call. Voice calling naturally helps you tune into someone’s every word without distraction. You could even make a call time every week (no, a weekly call isn’t just for mothers) and really make the most of hearing someone’s voice and knowing how they’re doing. All the summer memories will come flooding back and it’ll feel like you never had to say goodbye.


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