The urge to bring nature inside the house really kicks in as the beauty of summer turns and wilts in the fading light. Fall is the perfect time to start filling that indoor nest with cozy, earthy items that give the feeling of nature all year long.

One of the best ways to achieve a soothing, natural vibe indoors is to include design elements that have nature written all over them.

Living Room

We love ion salt lamps, they’re pretty and practical, there are also mini waterfalls you can put indoors! Paired with the earthy Brent futon and you’ve got the perfect combination of relaxation and functionality.


Meet Brent. This futon is so many things in one, all it’s missing is the kitchen sink! Enjoy sitting, lounging, stretching out, cuddling, or a myriad of other configurations on this simple and modern futon sofa. Its linen fabric is easy to clean and nice on the eyes, too! The matching chaise can be assembled on whichever side you prefer and there’s extra support with a center leg. Chaise sold separately.

DHP Brent Futon


In the bedroom is where you can really bring calm, sweet natural elements out to do their best work. Want to sleep better? Get some lavender sachets to place under your pillows. Or get an aromatizer and/or humidifier that clears the air and emits gentle scents. Opt for cotton curtains that give a nice breezy feel to the room and light, fresh colours for your bedding like bright green.


Love the classic styles of yesteryear? Skip the dusty flea markets and bring home the vintage with our Lafayette Metal Bed. This frame is reminiscent of early century simplicity but with a twist of modern in the bronze metal finish. Just place your mattress directly onto the adjustable base and your stylish bed of old is brand new.

  DHP Lafayette Bed

Entire House

One word: plants. Get a variety of plants and put ‘em everywhere! Get to know their light and water preferences, love them, even talk to them! Why not? Plants will love your space and give you all that’s good about nature if you love them back.


This modern white metal queen canopy bed with a black tufted headboard and footboard could give your bedroom a little 1960’s va-va-voom. But then couldn’t you also see this in a contemporary Upper West Side apartment? Whatever your era, or your neighborhood, the Soho Modern Canopy Bed always makes a statement

  DHP Soho Modern Canopy Bed