Why doesn’t summer last forever? I mean, really, what’s the use of any other season? Kidding. Sort of. Eventually, we let go of the long days, warm nights, swimming at the lake, music festivals, all-night conversations out on the deck…sigh. But alas, we’ve got to go back to school and so might as well make it pleasant!

So what are some simple ways to make the back-to-school transition more of a summer breeze and less of, well, a fall?

We’ve got a few:


This is why there are serious benefits to Scouts and Girl Guides, ‘cause they teach you how to get stuff READY before setting off down a new trail. So set yourself up right with supplies you’ll need like knapsacks, notebooks, stationary, chargers, bike lock, lunch bag, etc. Check the school’s list and/or call around and ask a few friends how they’re doing it.


Actually this is one of the best things about going back to school: wardrobe refresher!! Dig out of some of the clothes you haven’t worn in a few years and make them new again, or set a simple budget and list and get the pieces you’ll surely need once the sun sets a bit earlier and things cool off. Socks, undies, hoodies, new jeans, a few new t-shirts, one new dress or skirt for the girls, and a some fresh shorts and tanks for gym class.


There are always A TON of forms to fill out at the beginning of the school year so get ‘em all lined up, filled out, and ready to hand in. If you don’t know some of the information, call a friend or do a quick online search. Don’t leave this for the first week ‘cause there’s going to be homework to think about! Sorry.


Why the heck not? Capture the glow and excitement of returning for another year of…WHO KNOWS WHAT!? That’s why the first day is so cool – the year ahead could bring a lot that we do know, but a lot that we don’t! So capture the ignorant bliss of a first day.


Get your lunch, or your lunch money, ready. Maybe pack some snacks too because we quickly forget how long the school days can be after we’ve been sitting in lounge chairs and losing track of time. Be careful with nuts though as there are a lot of people who are deathly allergic. You could even do a quick search on your school’s website to find out if there are any banned food items. Otherwise, why not make sure the house is well-stocked for everything you’ll need that first week.


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