The school year is fast approaching and with school comes lunches. Sigh, remember those? Whether you’re usually on top of meal planning, or hopelessly last minute, we’ve put together a few useful ways you can start freezing the heck out of everything in sight, save yourself the stress of getting those lunches together, and maybe even get an assembly line going in your house so the whole family can pitch in!

Make room in your freezer

Just do it.

Cook A Lot and Way, Way Ahead of Time

Make a couple of big batches of turkey chili and/or chicken noodle soup and divide them into plastic containers so all your kids have to remember to do is pluck your favourite from the freezer the night before. Put a big reminder on the fridge like: GET A FROZEN LUNCH OUT FOR TOMORROW!

 Snack Sized Freezer Bags are Your New Best Friends

Pita breads will freeze nicely, muffins, waffles, and baked goods too. Pick a day and make all your favourite cookies, or muffins, or homemade waffles, then get an assembly line going and bag them up! This is actually ingenious ‘cause kids can enjoy a treat or two as rewards for hard work, and home baked recipes are often much healthier and cheaper than store-bought stuff.

Smoothies Can Be Frozen

Yeah, even healthy drinks can be frozen in Mason jars or other innovative freezer pop contraptions. These will be great for breakfast or daytime snacks.

Portion Out Snacks

Get that assembly line back in the kitchen and start making snack bags like your lives depend on it. Divide them into nice little pantry baskets and all the kids (or you) have to do is grab one or two when making lunches.


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