How does the old saying go? “Know thyself”? Something like that. It’s super important that everyone get a healthy dose of Me-Time (yep, so important we’re going to capitalize and punctuate like that) because most days are spent doing things for other people whether that’s job or family or friends-related, or other social things. You might consider Me-Time as your morning run, or walking with your dog, or even the commute on the train when you read and listen to tunes, but how about creating a space at home expressly for that purpose?

Give to you, then give to others

We find that when we’ve built a comfy little nook to enjoy time with ourselves, we’re better able to give quality time to the people in our lives. So how does one create a Me-Time nook? Well, first, find a corner, a room, or even a wall if that’s all you’ve got, and make it yours. After all, this is about you, what makes you happy, what helps you relax, what reflects the best parts of yourself. And then make time. You can’t have Me-Time without time. So make it. Put in your daytime if you have to do.

So, if we may, a few suggestions to bring out your Me-Time best:

 Get the comfiest chair EVER

Décor and design are sort of our area, so we have a few suggestions obviously, but if you’re starting from zero in the chair department, consider the following design elements: does it adjust, can you put your feet up, is it cushion-y, can you splay out, can you read in it comfortably, daydream…?

The Most Comfortable DHP Chairs


Reading a good book whether it’s a gripping non-fiction, a raucous fiction, poetry, a comic book, or whatever tickles your brain, is the best way to get deep into thought and explore your own mind. Reading has so many scientifically proven benefits that we won’t even get into them here, but we will say that after burning through a spreadsheet at work all day, or dealing with people in customer service, or chasing kids around, the sweet pleasure of diving into a book is simply. the. best.

Journals, notebooks, sketch pads, and writing utensils

You could just sit there in your comfy chair and doodle if you want to. Or open a journal and get some thoughts out. Feel like sketching? That’s perfect for your Me-Time. Meander or write furiously, but whatever’s swimming around in that head, get it out on paper!

Blankets and pillows

Because comfort is key. Pick soft fabrics you want to be hugged by. Oh, and a faux sheepskin is nice, too!



Create a cozy lounge space with DHP’s Sophia Daybed and Trundle. Its slightly sleighed arms paired with its tufted linen upholstery give it a timeless Victorian look with a modern twist.

  Create a cozy lounge space


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