In summer, there are tons of occasions to celebrate, but honestly, the only reason we really need to celebrate summer is summer!  So rain or shine, invite your favourite people over to eat, drink and be blissful. Even if you have a small space, there are creative ways to squeeze ‘em in and have a glorious evening. We’ve come up with some easy and efficient ways to make hosting this summer in your small space the most memorable yet.

  1. Tidy Up!

Take the opportunity to do a really thorough cleaning, especially on surfaces: papers, clothes, stationary, toiletries and stuff that clutters tables, window sills and shelves. We even suggest taking down some of your books to make shelf space for a makeshift bar or buffet, and little appliances off the counter. Where to put all the extra stuff? Hide it in cupboards, closet, under the bed, or anywhere else you can neatly tuck it away.


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  1. Crowd Control

Spread the food and drinks around so you don’t clog up the traffic flow. Put the bar on a shelf or table out of the way and the food on the kitchen counter. Provided you’re not serving anything overly messy, encourage guests to spread out around the apartment to eat.

  1. Temporary Extra Space

Plan to have a few gatherings this summer? Why not grab a piece of plywood that’s a bit larger than your table to expand its size, or set it between two stable side tables to create a bench, or extra table space.

  1. In the Mood

Keep your décor really elegant and simple to keep the visual space feeling clear and inviting. Make your apartment glow in strategic places with low lighting and candles, choose music that puts everyone in a good mood, something mellow to start then more invigorating and fun later on!

  1. Fan Out

Small spaces can get hot and stuffy so have a fan handy, get the windows open and a breeze flowing – encourage guests to cool off near windows, or on the balcony. You could even take a walk together after dinner and get some fresh air!

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