In honour of this past 4th of July, bring more than just tiny American flags home to decorate your home in Americana – honour your favourite elements of the home of the brave and land of the free. We’ve selected some fun, easy ways to dress up your apartment in some serious down-home American décor.


  1. Movies and Sports in the Bedroom

Okay, seriously though, what’s more American than Hollywood and football? We don’t mean to mix the two (although, yeah, celeb Jessica Simpson and player Eric Johnson come to mind), but both offer super inspiring ways to decorate a bedroom.

Maybe go with Hollywood Glam and feature a poster bed, some midcentury accessories and fluffy pillows in the boudoir, or steal a touch down with feature wall stencils of your fave team’s logo, thrown in a bright green rug, some brown leather highlights and you’ve totally touched down!

  1. Flags, Flags, and more Flags!

Can’t get ‘nough of ‘em. Make a DIY wall decoration by painting simple square tiles in red, white, or blue and hanging them individually in the shape of a flag. American flag throw rugs are always a nice addition to hardwood or tile floors – look for one online that suits your taste. Paint stars and stripes on tins or glass jars to store things in your kitchen, add a few star spangled pillows to your living room furniture. And of course, we can always get behind a good ol’fashioned stars and stripes hanging outside your front door.

  1. Southwest Style

Dreamcatchers, aztec rugs, and Native American artwork are beautiful American desert-inspired additions to any type of room. Opt for a soothing southwest palette of pale earth tones, adobe-hut inspired beiges and yellows, aquamarine, and terracotta brown. Fill a room with fabrics inspired by glittering sunrises and light it with pools of low candle light like that of a setting sun.