“Work hard play hard” is the way many people want to live their lives. While it’s a pretty straightforward motto, having the ideal place to entertain friends takes it to the next level. besides, going hard is exhausting, and even having space to yourself is sometimes necessary. That’s why it’s imperative to dedicate a part of your home to a worry-free space known as… The Man Cave (or the equivalent, the Her Hideaway)! We’ve got some tips for you to get started…


Make it have a purpose

This is your chance to make something out of nothing, entirely your choice. Is it going to be a space for hanging out with people? Gaming? Exercise? Relaxing? Multipurpose? Whatever your needs are, the first thing to consider is your favorite way to relax and how to have your space enable that.


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Have a theme

Whether it be a simple design theme (ex. functional modern) or fully decorate based on your interests (Batcave anyone?), give your space some central concept to unite it.


If this is going to be a place to entertain/relax, make it comfy! Go all out to get a solid couch or recliner(s), have a soft carpet (but make sure you can clean it easily!), and adequate heating/cooling.



Get comfortable on the DHP Premium Patterson Futon which was designed to have a high level of comfort while exuding an appealing contemporary design

Food and drink

Again, entertaining and relaxing usually involves food – get a minifridge/freezer, a bar, a microwave or other devices – whatever you like the most!


Food and drink means having to use the bathroom – if you can make a bathroom, nothing beats an un-hurried experience…


Lastly, make sure it works as a space. If you have limited room, don’t get a giant pool table. If you want to put a lot of stuff, make sure you have storage for it or ways to keep it out of the way. Going from couch to fridge has gotta be easy. And remember – it’s for pleasure, make it a place you want to be in.

Wynn Cupholder Futon

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