Living in our beloved urban cities often limits our gardening potential. However as more and more individuals begin opting for smaller living spaces, new urban gardening innovations, and DIY techniques are meeting the consumer demand. Fast growing food and vegetation are achievable in many different areas with no yard required. Here is our list of top DIY solutions to have the garden of your dreams with limited space.

1. Grow an Indoor Compost Garden


Put your kitchen scraps to work! Turn your veggie leftovers into a dreamy indoor compost garden

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2. Hanging Planter


Shallow terra cotta planters and dishes hang from rope to create a wall garden—or a window blind. Their narrow profile, only 8 centimeters deep makes it easy to add greenery to a small room.

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3.Vertical Garden


Crunched for space? Put the outdoors onto your walls without sacrificing surfaces.

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4. Mason Jar Herb Garden


Install this adorable kitchen garden sink-side so you have easy herb access for fresh-from-the-garden recipes.

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