Love is in the air as we blend three classic valentines decor ideas with stunning furniture from DHP. Feel the love and inspiration run through you with these beautiful blends of decor and furniture.

DYI LOVE Valentine’s Day, Wood Sign ●⊰⊹



Decorate your home with a handmade, rustic Distressed Wood Sign. This rustic large brightly hand-painted sign will be a beautiful addition to your living space! Perfect for Valentine’s day decor, or display it year round. A rustic distressed wood sign marries well with the DHP Edison Faux Leather Arm Futon. With its rich faux leather upholstery and sophisticated contrast stitching, this modern futon blends well with pops of rustic decor.

Edison Faux Leather Arm Futon

The DHP Edison Faux Leather Arm Futon delivers both style and comfort with its rich faux leather upholstery and sophisticated contrast stitching.

Love letter pillows


Fall in love with the beautiful combination of Love letter pillows and the DHP Aria Futon. Make a declaration of your love by creating a chic pillow with bright contrasting colors that will pop from the faux leather material of the Aria Futon. This sentiment of love can be displayed in your home all year long.

Aria Futon

Sturdy, durable and comfortable, DHP's Aria Futon Sofa bed is a perfect choice for any room. This futon has faux leather upholstery that is easy to maintain with only a wipe down of a damp cloth. With its sleek, chic and modern appearance, the Aria Futon matches any décor and looks like it came straight out of a design magazine.

Simple Heart Garland


Create a romantic look over your bed with a simple heart garland. The sweetness of this simple decor idea will have your partners heart melting. The handmade feel of this heart garland Pops from the tufted diamond stitching of the DHP Hollywood Premium Bed.

Hollywood Premium Bed

Capture the glitz and glamour of Hollywood Regency style with DHP’s Hollywood Premium bed. The bed is fully upholstered in white faux leather with a stunning headboard that is adorned with black tufted diamond stitching.

Have an idea for an Ideal Blend of Valentines day decor and DHP Furniture? Let us know all about it in the comments below.


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