By enclosing a small space you play up its coziness and make it intimate, something that’s hard to achieve but has a unique feeling if done right. We’ve examined design opinions from around the web and put together a list of 5 fascinating ways to embrace intimate decor themes.


To have a more intimate room, choose colors with soft hues to create a feeling of privacy. Earth tones like beige, brown, red, mustard and orange adds an intimate vibe.


If you’re decorating your room from scratch, choose the rug first. It’s the big, impactful piece that ties a room together. Floor plans without a rug can create the illusion your furniture is “floating.” A carefully placed rug will anchor your space and define the area. There are limitless models (with stripes, circles, lines, etc.) However before choosing one, keep in mind forms of the other accessories in the room. A well-placed rug can double as warm very cute and romantic nook for moments beside your loved one.

The Fireplace

The fireplace is the central focal point of any room blessed with one. When there’s a fireplace in a room, you want to be around it. Placing accent chairs and ottoman’s around the fireplace invites people to curl up and embrace the warmth. there is something special about coming home at then end of the day, drink in hand, putting your legs up on that wonderful ottoman and distressing.

Delaney Large Rectangular Ottoman

The Intimate Nook

Create an intimate nook for two within a room. Think about your space and find a creative way to section off a place to create a private nook for conversation, reading, naps, or listening to music. It easy to forget we are not always hosting parties, and should have a special place in your home for me time.

Lose the traditional L-shaped sofa

Consider creating more intimate seating arrangements, with guests turned toward each other to encourage conversation. Try incorporating a multifunctional furniture piece to your living space. Even though they’re not a traditional sofa, chaises make relaxing spots for lounging and enjoying a view. Pair them up to create a space for intimate conversation. Look into a stylish modern futon that has functionality to convert from couch to lounger and sleeper.

Delaney Splitback Futon

DHP’s Delaney Convertible Sofa Bed is stylish, practical and affordable. You will be impressed with its versatility, adaptability and range of uses, while at the same time enjoying its comfort, style and class.

You will be impressed with its versatility

The essence of having an intimate decor style ultimately relies on the idea of bringing things closer and surrounding the space with warmth in color and accessories. Have an inspirational DYI project that will bring an intimate look into our homes. Leave it in the comments below.

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