Home is where the heart is. Warm and Cozy is more than a decor style; it’s a feeling within us. Creating a comfortable home that invites that special feeling usually trumps a surgically clean, austere space. Warm and Cozy is that special spot to curl up in, it’s a warm place to relax your body and soul. There is no specific decorating style that achieves this look. Because Warm and Cozy is a feeling within. We’ve collected some basic ideas to inspire the feeling of warm and cozy within you. 

Get yourself a beautiful Quiltk2-_edac5204-e513-43ec-a28f-6cf60d7ba244.v1

A colorful quilt adds warmth as well as country style to your bedroom. Create a nest by piling your bed high with sumptuous linens. Perhaps you have an old family hair loon quilt that brings warm feelings. Make it the centerpiece of the room and don’t be afraid to flaunt it. By adding a quilt to the bottom of the bed, you’ll be ready to pull up over the duvet if the night gets chilly. A quilt is one of the winter bedroom essentials.

Comfy Beds to cuddled up in

Use Soft textures throughout your home

With lots of soft textures, romantic lighting options, you can transform even a sleek, modern space into a comfortably warm winter escape. Cozy up your home by introducing soft textures like cashmere, velvet, faux fur and wool.

Candles-to-warm-up-the-interiorWinter Smells can transport your mind and soul

Small plays a big role in creating a cozy atmosphere. From cookies baking, wood burning stoves, and fresh alpine air the smells in our living space help us relax. Try introducing different cozy smells through pleasant candles.

Keeping warm where ever you go with Floor Runners

Nothing is worse than waking up and standing on a cold floor. For rooms with tile or stone flooring toss down a few carpets runners and big bold area, rugs to keep your little feet warm.


A quite restful place to call your own

DHP Mid Century Upholstered Modern Daybed

Cozying up inside on a Sunday afternoon with a cup of hot chocolate while the snow blows around outside is the ideal life. Create a peaceful space by adding a marvelous daybed to create a nook in your home. It can also double up as a soothing guest bed.

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