Thanksgiving is one our favorite holidays at DHP Furniture.  We love cooking, and there is no better occasion for culinary arts then Thanksgiving. Perhaps you’re hosting this season’s dinner and a little stressed about the event. Maybe you’re feeling the pressures of decorating, cooking, and finding space to seat your guest comfortably (DHP Furniture can 100% help in the seating category :) It can all be overwhelming; however, we’re here to remind you why it’s all worth it in the end. It’s the little things that make Thanksgiving the best holiday of the year. Here is our short list of the little things that make Thanksgiving a joyous time. 


Family, Friends everyone is coming together. It’s the most important reason Thanksgiving is the best. Nothing warms my heart more than seeing the streets filled with people visiting family and friends carrying dishes and pulling coolers, filled with great home cooked meals. The joy of receiving guest into our homes and enjoying their company. Every family has a wacky tradition that is always a blast to participate in making the coming together even more welcoming.

Old-fashioned American cuisine

Simply put there is no better food than old fashioned American Thanksgiving dinner. Turkey, Stuffing, gravy, corn bread, cranberry sauce, green bean casserole, mashed potatoes, sweet potato pie the list is endless. What a joy it is that every family has their unique twist or special way of preparing an iconic recipe. My tummy is already rumbling.


It’s inevitable your will not finish your Thanksgiving dinner (Uncle Bob might), and that’s just fine because, there’s no better feeling then quickly getting out of bed entering your fridge and pulling out a Tupperware filled with wonderful Thanksgiving leftovers. It also makes lunchtime a pleasant reminder of the festive occasion that just past.


Football fans rejoice and understand this more than most. There it no better time to stretch out on your DHP furniture futon with a full belly watching the great game of American football. GO Bears GO!

Christmas Is Just Around The Corner

Thanksgiving is a precursor to Christmas, a welcome reminder of all that is yet to come.  I hope this year Thanksgiving will serve as a great reminder to us to act on our gratitude over the coming month and year.  I pray these days of plenty may encourage us to do what we can to help those who are not so fortunate.





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