thanksgiving-dinner-vance-foxBefore I get into making your Thanksgiving dinner flow like a breeze, let my highlight the importance of having great looking, functional furniture for all your guest to sleep on. Consider a futon from DHPfurniture as the go-to option for after dinner naps. Now let’s talk about the inevitable great Thanksgiving dinner your hosting. Here are some sure-fire ways to make your Thanksgiving stress free.

1. Make a plan

One of the largest stressors when trying to prepare a large meal can easily be eliminated with a solid plan of action. Know what it is your cooking, how many are your serving, and the time you want to serve everything. Write all this information down so you can reference it later. When the pressure is on and your juggling all the different food items you want to be prepared and able to consult your master plan.

2. Organize

Now expand on the plan by making a list of everything you need to keep organized (ingredients, dishes, kitchen gadgets and accessories, guests, tablescapes, activities). Once you know what you need, it’s easy to gather them all ahead of time for quick and easy access on the day.

3. Keep a head count

Leading up to Thanksgiving dinner a lot can change in the weeks prior. It’s a good idea to keep on top of the ever-changing social landscape. Making sure that Aunt Juanita or Uncle Bob have not decided last minute they can’t handle cousin Jeremy presents and thus decide not show, will help tremendously when setting the table and preparing the food.

4. Prepare some items in advance

A vital trick when cooking for a crowd is preparing as many items in advance as you can. The more items you can prepare in advance, the easier the big day will be.

5. Create a workflow

The workflow will help you manage your time and task ensuring that everything gets done and flows. Have a friends act as point person for checking off items on the workflow and moving you onto the next.

6. Eat well, excise, and sleep well

Eat the same kind of foods you normally do, get some exercise, and go to bed and get up at the same times as usual. If your not getting the best night sleeps consider trying a Signature sleep mattress for a better nights sleep. If you keep your body in sync, you’ll keep a level head on your shoulders.

7. Take a breather

Build some down time into your Thanksgiving day. You need to mingle, laugh and enjoy a drink with good friends and family as well. So don’t feel guilty if you put your feet up, watch a the Mayday Parade or read an article for 15 minutes. You’ll feel refreshed, and those overwhelmed feelings will remain at bay.

8. Ask for help

The trick is knowing when you need help. As Thanksgiving day nears, be realistic. If you simply have too much to do, make some phone calls and get extra help. Your goal is to have a fun, successful Thanksgiving Day. You will be surprised at how many friends or family you have that would lend a hand in a heart beat.

Embraced extended family celebrating Thanksgiving day

Embraced extended family celebrating Thanksgiving day

So breath easy this Thanksgiving by following the steps presented. If you are looking to update your furniture then make sure to browse through the DHP Furniture selections to find all the items you’ll need to entertain a house full of guest.

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