The hockey season has officially come to a close. With Chicago beating Tampa Bay last night many will be celebrating hockey pool victories. We want to congratulate all the participants, of the DHP Furniture 2015 hockey pool and give a special high five to our prize pool winners.

Graphic designer, Laura

pic13rd place.

Secret to success:  was her superior overall knowledge of everything.



Human Resources, Favio

pic22nd Place

Secret to success: A healthy diet of spring rolls.







Our grand prize winner of the 2015 hockey pool



When Jennifer isn’t busy at work creating breathtaking graphics for the DHP brands she is quietly monitoring all things hockey. Kidding, she upset a lot of our diehard hockey fans. Jennifer had this to say about her victory

I’d honoured to have won this meaningful, exciting hockey Pool. I’d like to thank Jeremy and John for all their hard work and dedication.  I’d like to thank Dhp for making this possible. And to all the participants of the pool. Good job guys!

I’d also like to thank myself, and my wonderful picks. I’d like to share with everyone that my picks were made at the beginning of the pool- without ever changing them. (john can vouch for me)

And if anyone wants the contact of my secret weapon, just let me know!

Capturehockey pool

Thanks again to all the contributors to the hockey pool. Let us know in the comments below your thoughts on last night Stanley Cup final.

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  1. Sam Cortese

    My money lol

  2. Susan Vdm

    Maybe you should check your messages and call people back or maybe just start packing your boxes right so there are no missing parts. Just a innovative thought.

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