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Today we bring you a table that absorbs heat during the day, and uses it to warm your house at night. It’s the zef-climatic-table_view2-970x647-cbrainchild of  Raphaël Ménard and Jean-Sébastien Lagrange. The table looks like your average dining room table, but like magic it’s capable of so much more.

The table hides a special phase-changing wax material, which softens and absorbs the heat

zef-climatic-table_pcm_en-640x640I’m no scientist, but I’ll try to explain. It works like this. When a room reaches 71 degrees Fahrenheit, the product goes into action. The table hides a unique phase-changing wax material, which softens and absorbs the heat in a room. Bye bye, expensive air conditioners! Then, as the temperature falls the wax solidifies and emits the stored heat.

So how can this tech change our lives? The DHP Furniture line of Accent tables could one-day mean savings you big money on your heating and air-condition bills. The stylish tech could easily merge with something like the Parsons Coffee Table.

But let’s take it a step further and dream bigger.

If the table can store heat than it’s not hard to envision it producing power from that heat. Perhaps one day will have our Parsons End Tables powering our small electronics.

It may not be available commercially yet. But thanks to amazingly talented people dreaming big and inventing cool technologies like the Climate table one day sooner then we may realize will be living a bit more green lives.2000_2000_8527_sourceImage

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