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I want to introduce to you a band that’s been around for years, however, just recently called it quits. Now you might be wondering why highlight a band that’s just announced a breakup. Simple, their unique sound deserves an audience. If you follow them now, you will be the first to hear whatever rises from the ashes.Les+Jupes++2+by+Sam+Katz+web

So If you’re into bands like The National, Frightened Rabbit, Nick Cave, M83, and Joy Division, then I suggest you take note.
I introduce to you “Les Jupes” A band that has been around for four years and according to their Bandcamp page.


Their debut album Some “Kind Of Family” speaks directly to something deep inside you.

They formed on the principles that solid songwriting and a dark rumbling energy would take over listeners. I’m my humble opinion it has worked tremendously. Their sound is large and flows beautifully with the baritone voice of Michael P Falk the lead songwriter. Their debut album Some “Kind Of Family” speaks directly to something deep inside you. It’s dark but only takes you to the edge of that darkness before the rhythm brings you back to a toe-tapping beat that make you sway and bounce.original-skof_cover_high_res_print This tug of war is symbolic of the story behind the sound as the songs are about characters who live on the fringes, and grind against expectations of the heart and body. Les Jupes ask the listener to feel something in their songs. In the world they paint skillful songwriting makes it easy to fall into the rhythm.

It’s sad Les Jupes never got to realize their dreams and potential. However, I’m sure they will rise from the ashes.

So relax on your favorite DHP Futon put on your headphones and discover Les Jupes. The last time I checked their album was free to download on Noise Trade or 10$ on Bandcamp. Lastly follow them on Facebook and leave them a farewell comment wishing them the best of whatever comes next.

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“When They Dig Us Up” Off “Some Kind Of Family” by “Les Jupes.”


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